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The Codefi Assets team recently launched the following new features on its digital asset platform.

Issue and manage Fixed-Rate Bonds

Codefi Assets now supports one of the most commonly used debt instruments in the Debt Capital Market space: Fixed Rate-Bonds.

A fixed-rate bond is a debt instrument with a level interest rate over its entire term, with regular interest payments known as coupons. Upon maturity of the bond, holders receive the bond’s initial principal amount in addition to the interest paid.

Issuers and Registrars can now use Codefi Assets to issue fixed-rate bonds on the blockchain, collecting subscription orders in real-time and calculating all payment events in advance and according to specific day count conventions.

Issuers and Registrars can access, update, and settle all orders in one place. They can update their bond register in real-time from the issuance date to secondary sales. Moreover, all operations settle in real-time when coupled with stablecoins, allowing borrowers and lenders to receive payment instantly. There is no more need to:

  • close the register at a specific date ahead of particular lifecycle events,
  • manage cum & ex-entitlement periods
  • freeze investor holdings ahead of redemption date/maturity date
  • manage claims in case of delayed settlements
Deploy your assets to any Ethereum based blockchain!

Any asset, any EVM-compatible network, any use case.

You can now deploy Codefi Assets to any Ethereum based blockchain and benefit from the latest innovation in the ecosystem in terms of scalability, privacy, and cost.

You now can register any EVM-based blockchain directly from the settings of the Codefi Assets application. We screen the new network and ensure it has all the necessary tools and contacts to run the Codefi Assets stack properly. If some contracts are missing, we will deploy them automatically.

Users can now benefit from the low fees on sidechains like Polygon or deploy their assets to Layer 2 blockchains like Arbitrum or Optimism. Institutional users will also be able to connect Codefi Assets to their private permissioned blockchain network.

From a single dashboard, you will be able to manage Codefi Assets deployed across different chains without the need to switch from one network to another, thereby drastically improving your user experience.

What’s next?

We are making Codefi Assets significantly more configurable to let a broader range of businesses push the limits of what is possible with digital assets.

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