Everai, the cornerstone of a “Play and Earn” universe with great ambitions

After gaining notoriety with Game of Blocks, blockchain game development studio Screenshot is tackling a new project: Everai. Discover how the universe of this future “Play and Earn” stands out from the others from its inception.

Everai, the new project from the Screenshot studio

Screenshot is a video game development studio based in Paris and Los Angeles , two cities known for the presence of blockchain and gaming talent . After a first successful trial with their first game, Game of Blocks, Screenshot begins the creation of a new universe : Everai .

For this, the studio has surrounded itself with a high-level team to create a world that lives up to its ambitions. This team brings together developers and advisers who have worked at Riot Games , Supercell , Electronic Arts , Sorare , Starkware and RTFKT .

Duo, Everai’s first hero

Everai takes place in a universe that mixes science and magic , with graphic inspirations drawn from the solarpunk and cyberpunk universes.

The studio has already revealed the first protagonist of the Everai universe: Duo .

This character with a tragic history found himself seriously injured during an attack which also resulted in the loss of his brother. As a member of House Hansei (a Shodai order wanting to advance life through science), he was granted a cybernetic body , which now makes him an outstanding fighter capable of adapting to all types. of environments .

everai duo

Figure 3: Different visuals of Duo

Limited to 10,000 copies , Duo’s NFTs will be randomly generated during the mint which will begin on March 26, 2022 . To find out more, you can follow Everai on their Twitter and join their Discord server .

Artistic collaborations

The team plans to carry out several collaborations with various artists.

Among them, we can already observe the presence of the artist Mehdi Aouichaoui . Known for his work on various works of Japanese animation such as Dragon Ball Z , One Piece or the Star Wars: Visions series , Medhi is now part of the Everai project and is behind the design of the first hero of this new universe.

Everai can also count on the collaboration of Quentin Pointillard , concept artist and artistic director who has proven himself on the “ The Incredible World of Gumball ” series, and who also works on various projects for the Square Enix Montreal studio .

These collaborations will not be the last. The objective of the studio is to create strong links with the artists who participate in the development of Everai.

An enduring brand based on heroes

The main ambition of the studio is to build a real brand around its heroes and their respective universes.

In the short term, Everai intends to bring his universe to life through many creative forms , such as illustrations, music, etc. In the longer term, Everai will look into other projects like anime series or even movies.

The studio also plans to create several video games based on Everai’s universe over the next decade. The Play and Earn aspect will be particularly highlighted and Screenshot intends to offer innovative experiences to players.

The use of NFTs in Everai

One of the main goals of the studio is to be close to its community . Thus, each person owning an Everai NFT will get one vote . It will therefore be possible to choose the direction that the project will take on the extension of the universe the addition of content , as well as partnerships .

The NFTs will also provide access to certain exclusive content : enough to reward the users most attached to the project.

Finally, they will be usable among the different games within the Everai universe. The first blockchain used will be that of the Ethereum network , but developers want to bet on the interoperability of blockchains in the future.https://www.youtube.com/embed/thO8e1wrH2k

Trailer of the reveal of Duo, the first hero of the world of Everai

What we can still expect from Everai

Despite arms already laden with good ideas, the team’s ambition seems to have no limits. The creation of new heroes is already underway, the second should also be announced soon .

The idea is really to create a long-term brand, to which a multitude of creations and projects can be attached, both in artistic and video-game form.

Screenshot also does not hide its ambition to make its games accessible to esports . The objective is to rally the community around e-sports events to offer a real additional experience within this universe .

Everai also wants to go beyond the boundaries of gaming , to take place in 2 other worlds:

  • The physical world , by offering clothing, as well as other ranges of derivative products , and then by organizing events in order to interact directly with the community ;
  • The Ever-verse , to create digital experiences that the whole world can connect to

In conclusion

Everai is a blockchain project that does not lack ambitions. The studio is betting on succeeding in creating a long-lasting universe, with real desire to build it in close collaboration with the community .

The Screenshot team already seems to be building a solid foundation for their universe , which makes Everai a promising project worth watching.

Visit Everai ‘s website to follow the progress of their adventures

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